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Secure care funding with a care plan

Welcome to the Care Home Fees Annuities website


Care Home Fees Annuities can provide "peace of mind" for some self-funding residents and their families.


For your residents a Care Home Fees Annuity can:

  • Provide a guaranteed payment towards their care fees for life

  • Remove reliance on future local authority funding

  • Protect some capital for their families


For care providers a Care Home Fees Annuity can:

  • Provide a guaranteed payment towards your full fees for the life of your resident

  • Mitigate the problems arising from Local Authority funding

  • Improve the income stream for your business


We've made it simple for you and your residents. A FREE QUOTE for a Care Home Fees Annuity can be requested by the resident or their representative via this website.


The website provides information about Care Home Fees Annuities and if anyone wants to speak to us they can.


Care Home Fees Annuity quotes and advice are provided by the Care Advice Service, a specialist independent financial advice firm that works with those who are funding their own care.

Care Home Providers

Help your residents receive the advice they need today. Download and print our FREE QUOTE leaflet for them.


Care Home Fees Annuities | Guaranteed Income | Reduced Local Authority Funding

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