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Care Fees Annuity - securing quality care

Welcome to the Care Home Fees Annuity website.


Social care isn't free, so it is likely you will have to pay something. How much will depend on your circumstances, your income and your assets.


The first step is to request an assessment of your needs from your local council. This helps to decide the level of care you need and how much you should pay towards it.


Healthcare provided by the NHS is free but when older people require care the boundaries between healthcare and social care can become blurred, and NHS funding can appear complex.


If you have less than £23,250* you may get some financial support from your local council. In some circumstances the value of your home will be included in any financial assessment to establish who pays for your care. If you have questions about paying for care you may wish to refer to our sister website or speak to one of our specialist advisers here  


If you are paying for your own care, you may be concerned about how quickly your money is depleting and what happens if it runs out. You want to investigate different ways of paying for your care. One solution specifically designed to help fund care is a Care Fees Annuity (Care Plan), we call it a Care Home Fees Annuity here because it is usually used to help pay for care in a care home, but it can be used to pay for care at home.


Other names for Care Fees Annuities - Immediate Needs Annuities, Care Plans, Immediate Care Plans, Deferred Care Plans, Lifetime Care Plans, they are all basically they same type of specialist insurance product that can be used to help fund care.


You may have already heard about these products and that is the reason you have arrived at our website. You may be considering buying one. Our aim is to help you get a good idea of the cost of a plan to see if it could be right for you. If you think it is then we can help you plan your care funding if you want us to.


You cannot purchase a Care Fees Annuity off the shelf. There are different types of Care Plans, and two insurance companies currenty supply them. We can help you plan your care funding using the most effective plan to help meet your care fees.


The Care Home Fees Annuity website is brought to you by the Care Advice Service. Our advisers have specialised in Long Term Care for many years. If you think a Care Fees Annuity could be right for you request a free quote (without obligation). If it meets your expectations then we can help you find the best way to utilise a Care Fees Annuity to secure your care funding for life. Read a little more about us here


*England and N. Ireland, the limits are different for Scotland & Wales

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